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NJ Online Casino Reviews147

NJ Online Casino Reviews

If you are a new entrant to the world of the New Jersey online casino, it is always beneficial to be patient. One can’t just switch over to playing games without getting familiar with the quirks and traps of the different online casino sites. Most of the players have also experienced the phenomenon of winning the first time but losing the second or third time. As the old saying goes, if something doesn’t work, don’t try it. There is no way around that rule, whether you are new to online gambling or have been playing for years. For example, you might want to play in the state of New Jersey because of its renowned casinos. However, many other sites will only charge you after you win, meaning that you have to wait patiently for your winnings before they will even acknowledge your winnings.

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NJ has several recognized casinos that offer various types of casino games and other games. The gaming sites of the state are able to accommodate a large number of players from all over the world. As there are a lot of different casino games in the state, there are times when the customers won’t be able to play on the games they are interested in. This is what happens when a player is in a different casino and the casino gets full. In this case, NJ online casino users need to find out which casino site they can get access to during such occasions.

There are various casinos in the state of NJ. It is important to find out the right online casino site for you. It is recommended that a person looking for NJ online casino reviews can look at the various casino review sites that exist in the internet. These casinos review sites allow online casino lovers to rate and give reviews about the casinos of the state. While browsing the reviews of the casinos, it is advisable that you choose a casino that is popular among the different casino fanatics.

Casino News in Canada1

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Casino News in Canada

The best way to stay informed about all the hottest news in the casino industry is to get your hands on a good casino news website. In Canada, you have no shortage of casinos to choose from. Before deciding which diamond card holland casino one is the best for you, it will be good to know about online casinos that are available.

Online casinos allow players to enjoy playing without having to leave the comfort of their home. With the growing popularity of online games in general, there has been an increase in the number of online casinos. Many of them offer the same games as the real casino, but still allow you to play with and without an additional player. Some online casinos let you bet only in a specific game or a set amount of dollars. Others will allow you to do both.

Canada offers many types of online casinos, including traditional casinos, bonus online casinos, software casinos, virtual online casinos, and bingo online casinos. Although the online world is relatively new, many of the online casinos that are now available in Canada have been around for many years. There are also a number best eCheck casinos of casinos that are licensed to operate in Canada but have opened offshore.

It is impossible to list every type of online casinos in this article. So we will limit our discussion to those online casinos that are regulated by the government. Many of the online casinos that are operated out of Canada have restrictions in place that govern how they operate. This ensures that online casinos in Canada will be operated within the bounds of the law.

Before you can find online casino news in Canada, you will need to search the internet for an online casino review. Not all online casinos operate the same way, so reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect when playing online.

Most online casinos are registered with the government’s gaming commission. These casinos are required to make themselves readily available to any interested parties. The online casinos must also register their web address with the web hosting service, so that anyone in the world can find them easily. The government has placed a lot of emphasis on online gaming, and this is why most online casinos in Canada are regulated by the government.

Some of the best known online casinos are currently operating in Canada. These include Bridge, Coral, Smart City, Sportsbet, and Pure.

As you can see, if you are interested in visiting an online casino in Canada, you will need to take a look at all the requirements of the online casino must meet before being allowed to open. Depending on the amount of licensing required, these requirements may vary from casino to casino. However, even if the requirements are not as strict as those in the United States, it is still a good idea to find an online casino in Canada that meets all the basic requirements.

Immigrants, Their Ethnicity and Culture Essay

People, who come to a foreign country, may have different perceptions of their ethnicity, language, religion and culture. There are three concepts that are closely related to their experiences, namely assimilation, ethnic pluralism, and transnationalism. These terms describe the way in which people can integrate themselves into a different society.


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This is why one should look at the main similarities and distinctions between these terms. Moreover, it is important to determine which of these approaches is most suitable for immigrants and their families. These are the main issues that should be addressed.

Such a notion as assimilation means that an individual fully adopts the language, cultural values, and traditions of the host society. Moreover, this person can even associate oneself with the ethnic group that is dominant in the host society. These are the main aspects of assimilation.

For a long time, it was believed that this process is inevitable for every person who chooses to settle in a foreign country. The problem is that cultural assimilation can result in stress or even mental problems. This is one the main problems that should be taken into account. This is why many societies can reject the necessity for assimilation.

There is a different view on the experiences of immigrants. In this case, one can speak about the idea of cultural and ethnic pluralism. This concept means that people can retain some of their cultural values, religion, customs, and so forth. In other words, this person does not have to assimilate completely into the society.

It seems that the second approach is more beneficial for immigrants. The thing is that many of them are adult people and it is more difficult for them to learn a language that may be new to them. Moreover, they do not easily adjust to new norms or values. The children of these people can completely integrate into a new society, but one cannot say the same thing about parents. Thus, unlike assimilation, pluralism gives more freedom to an immigrant and his/her family.

Finally, one should remember about such a notion as transnationalism which is different from assimilation and pluralism. This term can be defined as the ability of a person to maintain contact with ones friends or relatives in his/her home country. So, this person is not alienated from ones cultural legacy. This is another way in which immigrants can interact with different cultures.


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Overall, it is easier for these people to adapt to a new culture, if they are not isolated from the culture of their ancestors. Thus, transnationalism can be seen as a positive force for people who choose to live in a foreign country due to some reasons. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that immigrants do not always have this opportunity. In some cases, they are completely isolated from their home country.

It seems that pluralism can be the best way for immigrants to adapt to a different country, its language, or culture. First of all, people, who can retain their culture, feel that their values, language, or norms are valued or at least tolerated by the host society. Moreover, they can better interact with local people, if their language, religion or culture is not perceived with hostility. These are the main advantages of ethnic and cultural pluralism.

How does the Makeup Help to Define the Character Essay

Watching a movie we pay attention to the most important aspects of composition of shot – makeup and costumes the actors wear. These two aspects help us to create overall look on a movie and a special mood. Sometimes makeup can change an actor’s appearance totally – from handsome blond man to fat an ugly dark-haired man.


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To achieve this “transformation” visagistes resort to use of different types of makeup, wigs, false teeth or artificial parts of face (to make bigger nose or lips). To show specific features about character on stage (theatre) or on screen (movie industry) professionals use makeup (for example, to show the change of a character from a human to a strange creature or from ugly to pretty).

Nowadays, watching a movie you can notice that characters are portrayed fully and in details. For example, a well-known movie “Dorian Gray” (director Oliver Parker, 2009) tells to the audience the story of the lovely young man –Dorian Gray – who comes to London, as now he is rich; he has got a huge inheritance from his grandfather.

A painter Basil Hallward (Ben Chaplin) offers to paint Dorian for preserving his beauty forever. Becoming obsessed with maintaining his beauty, Gray offers his soul and wishes the portrait to weather the winds of time while he stays forever young. Albeit, after Gray’s wickednesses the painting starts to reveal his inner ugliness to others.

From the very beginning of the movie, Dorian (Ben Barnes) is young, handsome and has a lot of zing. On arriving home, after 25 years, his appearance did not changed as his beauty stayed immutable. He still is fine and lovely dark-haired young man with pretty smile. We can see the natural beauty of the actor (Ben Barnes), as he is shooting almost without any makeup.

However, other characters are getting older and their age can be noticeable. For example, Lady Victoria Wotton (Emilia Fox), an extremely beautiful and cute wife of Lord Henry Wotton. After 25 years Sybil has wrinkles, grey hair and eyes full of wisdom of old woman.

Lord Henry Wotton, a friend of Gray, who was leading Dorian astray, also got old. Now he looks as grandfather with a long grey beard, wrinkled forehead and manners of an old man. Basil Hallward’s beauty also met winds of time. When Gray meets him, Basil looks older, with features of mature man on his face.


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Dorian’s appearance is not changing till the final scene of the movie, when Lord Henry reveals the secret of Cray’s eternal beauty – the painting, but now not with young sweet and handsome, but with old, ugly and frightening Dorian – and sets fire to the painting.

When portrait is “dying” Dorian is turning to that awful old man with wrinkles, old skin and sordid wounds on face; and the Dorian’s portrait becomes a painting of that young and good-looking man.

All in all, the importance of makeup in the movie industry is great. It is obvious that 30-year-old actor or actress cannot have appearance of a 70-year-old person, that is why visagistes use cosmetics, wigs and other methods to create specific features of characters, which will help the audience to define the character. Here comes the reason and significance of using makeup in movies.

Health Officials’ Handling Of First U.S. Ebola Case Raises Questions Essay


This article is aimed at discussing the way in which U.S. healthcare organizations can respond to the threat of Ebola epidemic in the country. It should be noted that one case of this disease has already been registered in America, and this event has attracted the reaction of many medical workers, public administrators, and journalists.


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Apart from that, this patient contacted several people before being quarantined (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b). Moreover, medical workers were not able to identify the symptoms of this disease as quickly as possible. Additionally, they could learn that the person came from a country affected by Ebola. Nevertheless, they did not do it immediately (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b).

This delayed response prompted many people to speak about the possible outbreak of this disease in the country. Nevertheless, public administrators argue that these concerns are largely exaggerated (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b).

Overall, this event has highlighted the potential inefficiency of the healthcare system. Moreover, it is vital to develop effective precautions against potential threats. These are some of the main details that can be distinguished.

Relevance to global health policy

This article illustrates the need for improving screening procedures that can be applied by healthcare professionals working in various countries. These people should be able to identify at-risk individuals and quarantine them if it is necessary. This precaution is vital for limiting the spread of Ebola and other contagious diseases throughout the world.

Additionally, these professionals should bear in mind that in the globalized world, healthcare problems affecting one country may soon manifest themselves in other regions. These issues should be taken into account by people designing global health policy.

They should pay more attention to the training of people who are responsible for identifying people affected by contagious diseases such as Ebola. Additionally, they should raise people’s awareness about the dangers of such viruses. They need to keep this issue in mind when travelling to other countries especially those ones which are located in West Africa. These are the main arguments that can be put forward.


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Kaiser Family Foundation. (2014a). Ebola Outbreak Disrupting Exxon Mobile Corp. Operations In West Africa . Retrieved from

Kaiser Family Foundation. (2014b). Health Officials’ Handling Of First U.S. Ebola Case Raises Questions . Retrieved from

History Evolution of the Scientific Revolution Essay


The scientific revolution is a period that is associated with a great development in science, which resulted in a shift from overdependence on religion and traditions to science. This paper will explore the evolution of the scientific revolution. The paper will highlight some of the key figures who steered the revolution. The impact of this revolution in creating a world power is also reviewed.


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According to Anderson (2014), the scientific revolution refers to the enlightenment period that began from the early 16th century to the late 18th century. During this period, great modern science discoveries were made. Such discoveries covered areas such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy.

The onset of the scientific revolution is associated with Copernican technical inventions of 1543 and the discovery of motion science by Galileo. This enlightenment was followed by Francis Bacon’s emphasis on science and the creation of scientific societies. Significant changes occurred at the end of the Renaissance, which marks the end of the scientific upheaval. The age of reflection began. However, Anderson (2014) observes that Alexander Koyre brought the term scientific revolution to light in the 20the century.

Various figures were very instrumental in the success of the scientific revolution. Ashworth (2014) affirms that the major contributors to the scientific revolution included Nicholaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Tycho Brahe, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, and Rene Descartes.

According to Ashworth (2014), the scientific revolution had a great impact on the creation of Europe. Specifically, Britain was made a world power. Discoveries in science, for example, mathematics and science, were of great assistance in the military sector.

In addition, Ashworth (2014) asserts that the discovery of the earth’s structure and compass was important in trade and the acquisition of colonies by the British people. Moreover, various discoveries in biology and human anatomy assisted in ensuring human health for soldiers who were fighting in the colonies.

Reference List

Anderson, E. (2014). What Galileo Saw: Imagining the Scientific Revolution. Library Journal , 139 (17), 116.


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Ashworth, W. (2014). The British industrial revolution and the ideological revolution: Science, Neoliberalism and History. History of Science , 52 (2), 178-199.

“Military Rule in Latin America” by Karen Remmer Essay (Book Review)- by EduBirdie

Table of,25.htm Contents

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Synopsis of the Book

Analysis of the Book


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Book Review on “Military Rule in Latin America” by Karen Remmer

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Military dictators ruled Latin America and other parts of the world such as Africa AND Middle East before the 21 st century. However, some parts of Latin America are still ruled by military Juntas (a committee consisting of military generals). One major reason that inspired this form of governance is the fact that the armed forces had more cohesion and a good structure as opposed to many civil institutions.

In many cases, military dictatorships are established through coup d’états, whereby a civilian government is overthrown by the military. Military Juntas justify their actions as one way of restoring political stability, especially when the state faces economic and social hardships.

Karen Remmer is one of the scholars that have written extensive to express their views regarding the actions of military rule. This paper describes her views and goes a notch higher to analyze her main points in the book. The paper gives a conclusion whereby a SWOT analysis is performed on her views.

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Synopsis of the Book

The author wrote the book at the time when the international system was bi-polar in nature. In many parts of the world, tension, conflicts, mistrust, and brutality were the order of the day. In Latin America, the US was keen to ensure that communism did not spread to other states other than Cuba. In this case, the two superpowers tried as much as possible to convince the Latin American states adopt their policies. Due to this fact, scholars interpreted the genesis of military rule differently.

Remmer (1991) questions these interpretations. He book is divided into two major parts. The first part talks about the broad overview of the state of affairs in the Latin America. In this part, she questions the credibility of the claims that military rule can only be understood by analyzing their origins. In this case, she tries to challenge the various interpretations offered by scholars of political science as regards to military rule in Latin America.

In her part, military regimes come about due to weakness in government. Usually, government institutions are too weak in developing countries, which give room to the emergence of military rule. Some leaders might be elected democratically but they take advantage of weak institutions to unleash terror to innocent citizens.

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Citizens are therefore subjected to repressive laws, which affect their socio-economic lives. In this case, citizens are denied their civil liberties, which, according many scholars, are inseparable from an individual. Military rulers take advantage of weak institutions such as the police and the courts to fulfill their interests.

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Politics & Government ?

The police force for instance was used to silence any form of opposition in Chile. To silence the public, the military Juntas, according to Remmer (1991), employ some tactics. One of the tactics is that they make the state ungovernable. Those considered enemies of the state are forced to operate outside the state boundaries.

The author gives an example of Chile under Pinochet regime. Military Juntas may also invite hostilities from other states so that local tension and resistance is diverted.

In her view, military regimes are unnecessarily aggressive, meaning that they can easily take a state to war without the consulting the public. Furthermore, the regimes espousing military tactics usually spend many resources in rearmament processes. Resources means meant for development are channeled to military reconstruction, which leaves the state in a devastated condition.

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Undertake section of military rule explanation, the scholar also analyzes the roles of various state actors. In a state, many actors come together to formulate policies. Both domestic and foreign policies are carefully negotiated in order to achieve greatness for the state. In the military rule, the executive arm of government controls everything, including the bureaucracy.

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In this respect, lethargy is likely to prevail since leaders tend to be negative towards bureaucracy. Institutions such as the legislature and judiciary are used for rubber-stamping important policies. Never are they involved in serious discussions during policy formulation.

In the second part, she gives a detailed case study of Chile, whereby the Pinochet regime exercised military rule. Chile was under military rule from 1973 when Pinochet took over power to 1990 when he was forced by the international community to quit. During Pinochet regime, political opposition was prohibited and those found guilty were sentenced to death or life imprisonment. In fact, the scholar terms Chile as a police state under Pinochet.

The military ruler ensured that people observed hi laws and that any opposition against his laws would amount to serious consequences, including death. During his regime, crime rates increased, illegal trade was popular and assassinations were the order of the day. Even after losing power in 1988 through a referendum, the government continued to exercise power.

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In the conclusion section, the scholar outlines some of the challenges that would be experienced by leaders as they attempted to change from autocratic to democratic regimes. For instance, she doubts whether her works would help leaders in any way since they were too scholarly. In her conclusion, democracy was the only way to go in case sustainable development was to be realized.

Analysis of the Book

The book talks about many things, among them the definition of military rule, effects of military rule and the major causes of military rule. The scholar succeeds in outlining the major causes of military rule in many parts of the world. She also succeeds in giving the respondent the state of affairs in military regimes that is, institutional structure and relationships between various organs of government. However, she does not talk about the external environment.

In analyzing public and international policy, it is always prudent to consider the global environment. Military rulers existed because the international climate gave them room. In this decade, it is very difficult to exercise military rule due to globalization, which has reduced distances. Even in late 1980s and early 1990s, the international system was different.

Pinochet was able to harass members of the public mainly because the international system was bi-polar, meaning that the US supported his actions. In case the US condemned his actions, he would have embraced communism, where he could have supported to keep away any form of opposition.

After the Cold War, leaders were held responsible for their actions, whereby they were supposed to open up the society by embracing liberalism. Many leaders could not cope with hence forcing them to quit power. To show how the international system is important, leaders ensured that the international law is amended to cater for their interests. The scholar does not talk about the importance of the foreign actors. Amnesty was extended to retiring leaders to ensure that they continued living peacefully.


Therefore, it can be concluded that variables at the international level such as anarchy, polarity and the status of the international law affect the behavior of states in the international system. Military rulers were able to suppress and oppress members of the public since there was no clear law. Furthermore, polarity affected the behavior of leaders. Currently, power cannot be coercive since there is a strong law that governs states internationally. The ICC has been keen on ensuring that justice prevails.


Remmer, K. (1991). Military Rule in Latin America . New York: Westview.

“Musee des Beaux Arts” by W. H. Auden Essay- by EduBirdie

The poem ‘Musée des Beaux Arts’ presents to the reader a powerful challenge regarding every day life. It reminds the reader of the occasional religious moral guide intended sermons from a reverend. Further the poem could be likened to a moral story or fairy tale that serves to guide or advise the listener or reader.

Essay on “Musee des Beaux Arts” by W. H. Auden

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Bearing these images in mind this paper seeks to proof that humans have conditioned themselves to disregard the suffering that seems always to surround them as Follow the Edubirdie the surface meaning of the poem in relation to the deep insights on the attitude of complacency and failure to take any responsibility as deftly insinuated by the poet.

By combining different painting works as presented in the poem, Auden lets the reader travel through history to the present condition of suffering. In line fourteen and fifteen, it is disillusioning how ‘everything turns away’ from a ‘disaster’ without showing any interests.

The aloofness of the very immediate people who should help in the disaster is clear by the words ‘important failure.’ Tragically, they ignore it since to them it does not affect what they are doing therefore it warrants no attention.

The ploughman, the herdsman, the fisherman and the crew in the ship seem conditioned to ignore their immediate surroundings. The ‘amazing fall’ and ‘forsaken cry’ in the midst of the quiet green surroundings reflected on the water reveal an irresponsible attitude.

This attitude is reinforced by lines one to four through Auden’s casual description of abnormal behaviors. The sun is shining as it should be, the city far off does not even know what happens and the surrounding islands environment is tranquil as ever as it could.

By using lines that overlie onto each other, the speaker clearly portrays how suffering occurs in the midst of other good things. This illustrates however that its occurrence changes no course of the others neither does it bother their businesses hence the speaker uses it as an attack against the order of situations.

Poems ?

In lines one to four, wisdom is clearly praised in the painting. The Old Masters symbolically refer to older persons with the capacity to guide, foresee and accurately state issues regarding human nature. It’s clear that human nature does not care about suffering as the ploughman at best ignores the shepherd who also plays indifference to the fishermen.

The shepherd’s posture is rather comical in his aloofness towards the noisy drowning boy and the ‘expensive’ ship on the waters. The message hits home that humans are interested in only that serves their own personal gain and interests.

Effectively the speaker uses the normal eating, opening a window or idle walk scenarios to signify ‘casual indifference’ at the expense of suffering others. As some suffer others prosper in their own thoughts and emotions. A careful observation by Auden thus reveals that good times against bad times or big versus small are never arranged but rather occur spontaneously near each other with no apparent author.

As such when some are eating others have nothing to eat as line four alludes and while the aged wait for a miraculous birth, the children get unhappy and leave to fulfill their own pleasures of play oblivious of the dangers of skating. Further, as someone gets drowned or tortured the dogs continue to be doggy while the horse completely ignores this by indulging in its own rubbing pleasures.

The Old Masters’ images depict that the sun shines brightly while the ploughman, the shepherd, the fisherman, the ship and the immediate environment casually are unchanged by the action of drowning. The speaker of the poem effectively captures the Old Master’s view in line ten ‘……the dreadful martyrdom must run its own course.”

Eagleton’s view that the poem can be read as an allegory of ‘contingent nature of modern existence’ is traceable in Auden’s words (Eagleton 3). In lines nine and ten, the speaker’s words that ‘martyrdom must run its own course’ have the meaning that those who suffer understand the impacts alone. For the rest it makes little or no sense since they are satisfied with what they have or do.

These persons are represented by dogs and horses as animals in contact with humans on a daily basis. Indeed modern lives are busily packed by bills to pay, work to do, errands to make as well as parcels to deliver. It is thus likely that humans in the modern existence have conditioned themselves against instances of suffering in their immediate surroundings.

By employing a conversational tone in the poem, the speaker protests against the attitude of complacency and irresponsibility towards human suffering.

His is a conscious attempt that uses the ordinary language and situations to vilify selfishness, personal interests and ego-centric actions. It is an attack to self importance when the speaker uses the word ‘amazing’ to refer to an occurrence that leads to death in the presence of an ‘expensive delicate ship’ that has to go ‘somewhere.’

The speaker’s case therefore argues against personal interests and ego centrism. Auden through the speaker detests complacency and irresponsibility in human behaviors thus his ultimate goal is to present them negatively to invoke change. The responsibility for suffering can only be achieved through this change.

Works Cited

Eagleton, Terry. How to Read a Poem . London: Blackwell, 2007. Print.

“Ladybird Ladybird” a Film by Ken Loach Essay (Critical Writing)- by EduBirdie

Directed by Ken Loach, Ladybird Ladybird is a chef-d’oeuvre based on a true story from England. The protagonist in this film is Maggie, an emotionally wretched woman; a mother of four children but living with none. Raised under the watch of an abusive father, Maggie goes on to beget four children with four different men; ironically, she is married to none.

Critical Writing on “Ladybird Ladybird” a Film by Ken Loach

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The Social Services have taken away Maggie’s four children and placed them in foster families. From flashbacks, the audience learns sees how one night Maggie locks her children up in the house and goes out for a singing expedition. Unfortunately, fire breaks out in the house leaving Shaun, one visit homepage of her children badly burnt.

Afterwards, she shows up late in the night to see Shaun in his foster family and even though she is denied access, she forces her way in. Moreover, she attempts to change his bandages leaving him hurt. This happens before she meets Jorge in a club and they become good friends. In the hands of Jorge, things happen fast and within no time, they get two baby girls only to be taken away by the Social Services for Maggie is “at risk” according to the government agencies (Loach 1994).

Maggie stands for a distraught mother and a wife, seeking love in the wrong places. According to Bjorklund and Bee (2008), “…one of the most significant elements in age stratification is…patterns of experiences associated with marriage and family life…the family life cycle” (p. 8).

True to this observation, Maggie is lost in the family life cycle as she tries to secure custody for her children and a husband to love and cherish her, together with her many children. Unfortunately, she finds none of these longings because she is seemingly uncontrollable almost bordering insanity. However, there are forces that have pushed Maggie into becoming her own sorriest foe. As a child, her father sexually and physically abuses her.

The Social Services have thrown her into emotional breakdown by taking her children away. Tooley (1978) asserts, “To part a woman from her child is violent and traumatic resulting to psychological complications” (p. 21). Maggie fights these psychological forces and this explains why she behaves the way she behaves. Nevertheless, even in her worst situation, Maggie brings out the role of women in society during her time.

The outstanding role of women review in this movie is childbearing and motherhood. Maggie performs excellently in the role of childbearing. Before she meets Jorge, she already has four children with different fathers of different races. The film is set in England at a time when women’s role were solely bearing and bringing up children.

Film Studies ?

Unfortunately, Maggie fails terribly as a mother. Mothers are known to be caring, but Maggie cares less as depicted in the scene where she leaves her children in a locked room at night. Moreover, she did not follow the norm of sticking to one man. There is nothing modesty in having five men in one’s life; regrettably, Maggie fails to understand this unwritten norm.

If I were Maggie, I would give my children the care they deserve and engage a serious man into long-term relationship leading to marriage. I would amicably solve my psychological problems by engaging the people around me positively instead of discharging my problems to them. My decision is not different from Maggie’s because of time and place. The role of women as mothers will never change with time and place; women have been, they are and will be mothers.


Bjorklund, B., & Bee, H. (2008). The Journey of Adulthood (6th Ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall Publishers.

Loach, K. (Dir.). (1994). Ladybird Ladybird. UK: Channel Four Films.

Tooley, K. (1978). The Remembrance of Things Past: On the Collection and Recollection of Ingredients Useful in the Treatment of Disorders Resulting from Unhappiness, Rootlessness, and the Fear of Things to Come . American Journal Of Orthopsychiatry, 48(1), 16-30.