Tired of not having a website or your website being outdated but don’t have the time to spend getting it up and running?  Accurate Business Machines is proud to announce the addition of custom website and web application development to our array of friendly, professional services.  Now getting a custom built website can be quick, affordable and easily maintained.

Works for Your Business

You know your business best.  By using the newest open source technologies and solutions, we can streamline the development process by allowing you to focus on the content of your business without needing to learn complicated web jargon.  You can control nearly every aspect of your website without any experience in programming or development and no additional software costs!

Cost Effective and Fast

By tapping into powerful open source frameworks and template systems, we’re able to design, develop and deploy web site solutions in fractions of the time other development teams can.  This increase in development speed directly reflects lower production costs for you.

Since the framework is manageable by the client, there’s no need to pay additional future development fees for simple website updates.  Those updates can be done by you, from anywhere with web access.  No additional development fees and no need to wait for developers to make time for you.  You’re in control!

Customized Solution

Whether you just need a simple informational site or full e-commerce shopping system.  The website is tailored specifically for your business and it’s needs.

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