Computer running slow?  Lots of pop-ups and other annoying windows that won’t go away?  There’s a good chance your computer may be infected with viruses and spyware causing performance problems as well as major security risks to your personal information.  Let us help you solve these problems.

The ‘Accurate PC Tune-Up’ includes:

  • Remove viruses
  • Remove spyware
  • Install updated virus scanner
  • Install updated spyware remover
  • Clean computer
  • Update software and drivers

Spyware – Software installed by marketing and spam companies.  Spyware tracks your web surfing habits while relaying your e-mail address and other important information to marketing companies so that they can send you junk mail and other advertisements such as pop-up windows.  Spyware is usually very buggy software and can cause conflicts with other programs in your computer, slow it down dramatically or simply cause your computer to crash.

Virus – There are many different variants of viruses with all sorts of damaging payloads that range from deleting important files to sending your personal passwords back to the malicious writers of the virus.  These should be removed as soon as possible.

Cleaning – The dust build-up inside the computer is much more damaging than just the aesthetic principle of cleaning.  Dust causes the cooling systems (fans) to have to work harder thus causing them to fail sooner.  If this happens, you can run into overheating problems that can damage PC hardware especially hard drives that can cause data loss.  In extreme cases, this can be a fire hazard!

Note:  Extreme virus infestations or viruses without known removal methods can exceed the time allotted for our ‘Tune-up’ procedure.  In these cases we will consult with the customer with our recommendations for the best course of action.

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