Health Officials’ Handling Of First U.S. Ebola Case Raises Questions Essay


This article is aimed at discussing the way in which U.S. healthcare organizations can respond to the threat of Ebola epidemic in the country. It should be noted that one case of this disease has already been registered in America, and this event has attracted the reaction of many medical workers, public administrators, and journalists.


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Apart from that, this patient contacted several people before being quarantined (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b). Moreover, medical workers were not able to identify the symptoms of this disease as quickly as possible. Additionally, they could learn that the person came from a country affected by Ebola. Nevertheless, they did not do it immediately (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b).

This delayed response prompted many people to speak about the possible outbreak of this disease in the country. Nevertheless, public administrators argue that these concerns are largely exaggerated (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014b).

Overall, this event has highlighted the potential inefficiency of the healthcare system. Moreover, it is vital to develop effective precautions against potential threats. These are some of the main details that can be distinguished.

Relevance to global health policy

This article illustrates the need for improving screening procedures that can be applied by healthcare professionals working in various countries. These people should be able to identify at-risk individuals and quarantine them if it is necessary. This precaution is vital for limiting the spread of Ebola and other contagious diseases throughout the world.

Additionally, these professionals should bear in mind that in the globalized world, healthcare problems affecting one country may soon manifest themselves in other regions. These issues should be taken into account by people designing global health policy.

They should pay more attention to the training of people who are responsible for identifying people affected by contagious diseases such as Ebola. Additionally, they should raise people’s awareness about the dangers of such viruses. They need to keep this issue in mind when travelling to other countries especially those ones which are located in West Africa. These are the main arguments that can be put forward.


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