ER-5115II Electronic Cash Register


Product Description

An Affordable ECR Featuring Traditional Plain
Paper Dot Matrix Printing with Validation
Validation is a legacy cash register feature that can be used to improve security
by providing proof of registration and an audit trail for important transaction
documents. The ER-5115II allows validation to be enforced on selected
operations such as paid outs, returns, voids, or payments.
• Alpha-Numeric Plain Paper Receipt and Journal Printer with Single-Line
• 15 Programmable Keyboard PLUs, Expandable to 40
• 1000 Open or Preset Price Look-Ups (PLUs)
• Up to 15 Clerks or Cashiers with Separate Report Totals
• Four Tax Rates or Tax Tables Plus Value Added Tax (VAT) Capability
• Standard RS-232C Port for PC Communications or External Devices